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Monster Island

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Copy the dance moves!
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Put the human puppet into the toy box.
What comes next to complete the pattern?
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Pack your bags, grab your passport, and hop on the next flight to this educational paradise, Monster Island!

This fantastic Monster Island game is the perfect all-round tool for you to help your class develop a number of different skills. 

There is a variety of different interactive activities in this game, and each of those activities can help your class develop vital skills for both school and everyday life. Having all of these brilliant activities packed into one game means that you can spend less time searching for resources, and more time helping your class develop skills such as counting, phonics and understanding patterns!

Twinkl Go! resources like this one are brilliant for use as whole-class activities, as they can easily be set up on an interactive whiteboard. They're also tailor-made for use in remote learning environments, and can be used in online lessons or even set as homework.

Teachers can share this resource with customised groups via children's own usernames. Just launch then click Add to Lesson.

Parents can too! All you have to do is share this resource with your own children via their own username. Just launch then click Add to Lesson. 

Use this exciting interactive Twinkl Go resource with your pupils by adding it into one of your lessons...

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